K-1 Kickboxing Fight Night at Combat Challenge

A big well done to Lucio Profeta for a fantastic and explosive k-1 kickboxing performance at Combat Challenge in Stourbridge at the Arena Nightclub.

This was Lucio’s third k-1 fight against a more experienced fighter with both amateur and pro-fight records.  Lucio had a good, strong start in the first round, composing his game plan, using powerful, damaging leg kicks and counter punches, backing up his opponent and breaking down his opponent’s legs during the first round.  He was able to effectively block every kick thrown at him.  He dealt effectively with several punches from his opponent, using a solid defence, good timing and breaking his opponent’s game plan by using the cage space correctly.   He used good, solid combinations of knees, leg kicks, middle kicks, push kicks and jumping knee, taking control of the fight from the outset.

Going into the 2nd round, Lucio remained very focused and composed.  His opponent appeared to be uncomfortable going into the 2nd round, trying to close the distance to use his boxing skills, but Lucio was able to counter-act his combinations and destroy his opponent’s legs.  Towards the end of the second round, his opponent was losing energy and stamina and was becoming frustrated.  He was trying hard but did not manage to be effective against Lucio.  Two minutes into the 3rd round, Lucio was thrown to the floor by his opponent due to frustration, but this did not phase him.  Lucio continued to chop his opponent’s legs at every opportunity.

Throughout the fight, Lucio sustained excellent stamina, cardio and energy.  He was explosive, strong and damaging using an effective fighting strategy to win the fight.  He used 39 leg kicks throughout the three rounds, of which 32 of these connected clearly.

We thank all of the Eagle Team members for supporting Lucio during the training and sparring sessions in preparation for his k-1 fight, and for everyone whom came to support him on the night.

We look forward to the next show!


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  • Elena
    Posted at 15:08h, 01 April Reply

    Fantastic fight. I was there that night. It was the fight of the night in my opinion. Well done Eagle Team!

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