Adult Beginners Classes


The complete beginners class is a perfect way to get started and to ease yourself into the sport gradually.



In this class, you will find people just like yourself who are new to the sport and want to learn kickboxing and self-defence skills, increase their fitness level, make new friends and have fun.


Even the Greatest was once a Beginner – don’t be afraid to take the first step!


The Benefits:

  • Improves your fitness, health and well-being
  • Increases your strength, stamina, flexibility and endurance
  • Improves your self-confidence
  • Relieves stress
  • Helps to lose weight and tone up
  • Improves your self-discipline
  • Improves your self-control and respect for self and others


It is always a good idea to turn up 15 minutes early to give you time to get changed, introduce yourself to the Instructor and to complete a medical questionnaire.


When attending your first class, please remember to bring:

  • Loose fitting gym clothing (shorts / tracksuit bottoms and a t-shirt)
  • Bottle of water
  • All other equipment is provided for beginners e.g. gloves, focus pads etc.


The Department of Health recommends that adults should do 150 minutes (2 hours and 30 minutes) of physical activity per week.


Exercise can reduce the risk of major illnesses, such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes and cancer by up to 50% and lower your risk of early death by up to 30%.

Research also shows that physical activity can boost self-esteem, mood, sleep quality and energy as well as reducing risk of stress, depression, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Even the Greatest was once a Beginner.

Don't be afraid to take the first step!