Keith Hartley

The Eagle Kickboxing Academy has changed my life! I started in Jan 2014 in the beginners’ class. The training routines felt hard at first, but I stuck at it, as well as making small changes to my diet. In less than 12 months I lost 21kg (over 3 stone). I have never felt as fit, confident or stress free in my whole life. I owe this to the dedication of Alex in running the Academy – he really knows his stuff when it comes to kickboxing and training routines. There’s a great bunch of people here and you really feel like you are a part of something which motivates you further. Whether you are looking to compete in kickboxing, or just want to lose weight and get fit, this is the club to be a part of.

Highly recommended. My daughter has attended for the last 12 months. She has not only learnt a method of self-defence, but has grown in confidence. Brilliant instruction, one-to-one guidance and friendly atmosphere.

Geraldine Evans

Aldo Luzzi

The Eagle Kickboxing Academy has a friendly family atmosphere where you always feel welcome and get fantastic tuition. The coach is well experienced and as an ex pro fighter himself, he brings something unique which is something most gyms don’t have. I highly recommend The Eagle Kickboxing Academy to anyone regardless of your fitness or experience.

I have been training with The Eagle Kickboxing Academy for one year now. The atmosphere is very friendly and they always make you feel welcome. The Instructor has given me a lot of confidence, increased my self-esteem and it’s a great way to relieve stress. It’s also great for fitness. The classes are varied and fun and we continually learn something new at every session. I really struggled with the basic roundhouse kick in the first few months, but Alex has helped me to perfect this. My boxing has also improved greatly. I would recommend this club to anyone wishing to start a fitness regime, obtain self defence and fighting skills and whom have also done kickboxing before.

Amanda Warburton

Hannah Rush

I have found Alex to be a fantastic trainer. He is very positive and motivates you to push that bit harder. When I first started he made me feel at ease and comfortable straight away. I really enjoy every lesson I have and would definitely recommend The Eagle Kickboxing Academy to anyone. I’ve found it to be a great way to get healthier and have fun at the same time. Thanks to Alex, kickboxing has become a real passion for me. The Eagle Kickboxing Academy also does great boot camps and 1-2-1’s.

Fantastic tuition, venue and people. Really enjoy learning with Alex and have made some good friends. Also the most knackering workout that you will ever have!

Michelle Henry

Misagh Nazem

I have been attending the Academy for over three years, during this time I have found the instructors and gym environment to be excellent. They have helped me to achieve my goals – competitive fighting, working in the corner and having a sculptured torso. Thank You The Eagle Kickboxing Academy.

Joining The Eagle Kickboxing Academy has given me so many benefits. The atmosphere and the conditions are just more than I expected. When I step in the dojo it puts a smile on my face every single time. The team is great, I feel they are like my family, who support me and help me a lot, not only as a fighter but as a human being. When I started I was a little unsure about my abilities, but with Alex’s help, I can now say that I’m a lot more disciplined, always trying to go above my limits and this is not only when I am training, I adopt this attitude to everything I do. The coach is more than just a person who is there to pass on his knowledge and experience, he always finds time to talk to us and to tell us what we do right or wrong and gives us praise for things that we do well, and will coach and guide us to perfect our techniques. If I feel down, he is always there for me and helps to put me back on my feet, and this is what makes a big difference. I don’t think I will ever find such positive attitudes and the friendly atmosphere so good in another gym. I’ve been a member of the Academy for around eight to nine months and I have discovered a lot about myself, thanks to Coach Alex. He has made me a totally new and much better person. Thank you The Eagle Kickboxing Academy.

Svilen Stoychev

Lukasz Lukawski

My name is Lukasz Lukawski. I’m from a small town called Krasnik in Poland. My adventure began with kickboxing when I was 19 years old. In 2011, I moved to England, and for a long time, I couldn’t find a satisfactory place to start my training. Finally, when I was at the crossroads of my life, I met coach Alex who cheered me up and showed me that I could deal with my problems through hard work in the gym. His commitment made my dreams come true – I took part in a competition where I won my first fight in full contact. I hope to win many more fights, to become a champion and to pass my black belt grading in the future. The Eagle Kickboxing Academy was and is something more than only a Club. At first, it was a place where I could take my first steps on the mats and feel a lot of pure positive energy. Now, it’s my way of living. Everyone who is taking part in these classes is fulfilled with passion and determination. We have a great coach whose knowledge and experience help us to learn how to fight and build up strength, power and flexibility. We have access to the best quality equipment selected individually to each of us. Every class is different. There’s no time to get bored. The whole group of students make a great atmosphere and a friendly environment in which to train. For me, kickboxing is a lifestyle. People who are brave and ready for changes become more confident and healthy. They are architects of their own fortune and future. Therefore, I honestly recommend this Club to people who want to change their lives for the better and for those who want to have a more active lifestyle. “Just try to fly like an eagle!

For ages I had spoken of a desire to try out kickboxing and also get a better alternative for fitness and working out than the gym. I definitely found the best way to workout, focus my mind, enjoy keeping fit and learn a new sport at The Eagle Kickboxing Academy. Coach Alex, in my three months of being in the class, has inspired me and equipped me with a huge amount of knowledge about the martial art – kickboxing. After an intense warm-up, much-needed stretch, and exquisite, technique-focussed kickboxing lesson, Alex always ends the class with a talk. Having already gone past the hour, Alex demonstrates his love, experience and knowledge of kickboxing by going past the hour to talk to us about techniques, how to move forward, how to keep a healthy diet, good fitness, focus and how to move forward and get better. He physically demonstrates to us what he is explaining and then adds great explanation to add to our understanding. It’s been a great three months training at The Eagle Kickboxing Academy and I would recommend the class for anyone looking for a genuinely good, fun (but not too fun) workout, to learn kickboxing from the best, to compete or to gain confidence! I definitely intend to return to the class when I return from my year abroad!

Sabrina Samra

Alyssa James

These classes are sooooo much fun! Alex is amazing. He is always encouraging us to push ourselves, and is always friendly. :) Plus, he keeps each class small, splitting students up into different classes based on our skill levels, so you really get the individual attention needed to improve your skills. Classes are always full of loads of laughter and sweat! :) I LOVE Eagle Kickboxing Academy!!! :) Totally recommend it to anyone, beginner or advanced. :) I’ve attended kickboxing classes elsewhere, but this place is the BEST I’ve seen.

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