A big well done to Dimitar Ivanov for putting on a very good performance at his first K-1 and Mixed Martial Arts Show.  Dimitar fought a very experienced opponent with more than 10 previous fights in MMA, K-1 and boxing.

The first round commenced with Dimitar controlling the centre of the cage and pushing his opponent backwards. He managed to use some good boxing and kickboxing combinations and he knocked his opponent down for an 8-second count in the first round.

Dimitar had an explosive and strong first round, with a scoring advantage against his opponent. Dimitar then took his foot of the gas a little in the second round.  He circled the cage and used a few short and accurate attacks against his opponent which were very damaging.  Dimitar did not take the opportunity to use as many kicks as he could have to break his opponent down, but during the third round, he connected with a clear and precise middle kick to the ribs and a head kick which caught his opponent off balance.  He then followed with some good boxing combinations, dropping his opponent to the canvas for a second time.  His opponent put his right knee down on the canvas to prevent further attacks and a knockdown from Dimitar.  

Due to lack of experience, Dimitar followed with one punch after his opponent had put his knee on the canvas.  This resulted in an illegal punch with points deducted.

Fair play to both fighters for an intense and fantastic performance.  The fight was awarded to his opponent, but his corner and his opponent were very surprised by the judges’ decision, as so were we, but sometimes, the best fighter does not always win!  A good experience at his first Mixed Martial Arts Show!

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