Joseph dedicated many hours of hard work to prepare for his k-1 kickboxing title fight, as this was only Joseph’s second K-1 fight and he wanted to ensure that he was more than ready for this challenge.  The training regime went as planned apart from a small knee injury.  Joseph made the weight with no issues and has lost 12 kg in the past 6 months to make the right weight category to succeed as a fighter.  In this 6 months, since starting K-1 kickboxing, he has won 2 titles – the WFMC West Midlands Champion and Combat Challenge Champion.

In the Combat Challenge k-1 kickboxing title fight, Joseph started the first round a little nervously, walking on to a right hook from his opponent, but managed to shake it off very quickly and came back aggressively with two straight punches, followed by a brutal right knee.  He continued pushing his opponent backwards with several punches and knees, knocking his opponent off balance.  He kept the pressure on his opponent throughout the fight, using some fancy techniques, including a spinning back kick.  As the first round continued, he maintained the pressure and moved forward offensively, connecting with a clear middle kick and boxing combinations.  He stopped his opponent with two clear uppercuts and a strong and powerful left hook to his opponent’s chin, resulting in a knockout in one minute and 25 seconds in the first round.

This win was a great confidence boost for Joseph in preparation for the WFMC World Championships in October, where he will be representing Great Britain and The Eagle Kickboxing Academy.  Joseph is now back to a hard training routine to work on developing his fighting skills.

We are hoping to bring back the Gold Medal in his weight category at -85kg.

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