Two impressive wins at the WFC – UK Warriors Fighting Championships UK


Congratulations to Lukasz Lukawski and Svilen Stoychev for a fantastic performance on Sunday 29th March at Loughborough Leisure Centre. They both won their fights in an explosive fashion.

It was Svilen’s first fight against a very experienced opponent with 4 fights under his belt. He started his first round with a surprise superman punch which shook his opponent and entertained the crowd inside the arena. All three rounds consisted of excellent combinations and very powerful low kicks and roundhouses, and a spectacular head kick towards the end of the fight which nearly knocked his opponent to the ground. After backing his opponent up on several occasions with a series of combinations, he nearly knocked him out.

Svilen won every round clearly, giving his opponent zero hope of winning. Lukasz fought a very experienced opponent with previous fights in K1 and thai boxing.

Both fighters gave their best and got the crowd behind them. Lukasz fought a very technical fight as he always does. He started the first round making a few mistakes, but recovered well towards the end of the first round, landing several low kicks and following up with fantastic boxing combinations which shook his opponent and slowed him down. In the second round, Lukasz took absolute control, using good timing and distance and executing textbook combinations. He continued with this until the end of the third round.

A big thanks to all of the Eagle team members for their support during the training and sparring sessions and to those for attending the event to support them.

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