Lukasz Lukawski, this time, did not have the expected outcome.

Well done to Lukasz for stepping in the WFC cage and and doing an excellent first round. Unfortunately, a lucky roundhouse kick to the liver from his opponent changed the whole game, knocking Lukasz down at the end of the first round, and building his opponent’s confidence and putting pressure on Lukasz. Lukasz recovered well, but started making a lot of mistakes in the 2nd round, by staying in front of his opponent, making it easy for his opponent to connect with body strikes and restricting Lukasz’s movements. It was one of the worst fights of his career! The pressure may have affected him a little as he had fought in 5 competitions this year, winning 2nd place in the WFMC British Championships in K-1 kickboxing and performed extremely well throughout the year.

I am positive that Lukasz will come back stronger, faster and more explosive in the year 2016, as he has the fighting spirit to never give up!

Stayed tuned for more action from Lukasz in 2016!

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