Four Tips on Choosing the Right Martial Arts Dojo

It is important to keep in mind that Martial Arts is not something you can simply learn from You Tube or other instructional videos and tutorials. You need someone to watch you and correct you at all times. And then you need to practice over, and over, and over again.

There are lots of Martial Arts Clubs, but not all of them are good. Here are a few points to consider when choosing the right club.

  1. Research a Martial Arts Club

Choose a club within travel distance and your preferred style (if you have one). If the class offers a free one to one trial session, take it to get first hand experience of the training regime as it may be difficult to understand what you are practising. You should watch the students to see if they are having fun, and if it looks like they respect the dojo. Talk to some of the students and to the instructors too, to check whether the club can meet your goals and achievements.

  1. Look for a Good Instructor

Your ideal Martial Arts Instructor should be someone whom has competed in the discipline that they teach and not someone who teaches 20 disciplines. They should be very knowledgeable about the art and someone you can learn from. You should feel comfortable enough to ask questions. if you want to learn K-1 kickboxing for example, you should attend a dojo which teaches K-1 kickboxing and not 30 other disciplines.

  1. Please be Wary of Contracts

Some clubs require that you lock yourself into a contract before you even begin a class! Often without offering a trial session beforehand.

If you hear things like “sign this contract for 6 months or 12 months”, or a club which guarantees you a black belt within 2 years, you should avoid. Those are serious signs that they are purely focussed on growing their business and not you. Martial arts is all about growing as a team together. It is in your best interest to find a club that allows you to pay on a monthly basis.

  1. Location is Important

A club close to your home or work would be ideal to save your travel time, but if the club is good, it is worth travelling some distance than choosing an unsuitable club closer to home or work. Find a club that fits your needs.

Whether you are there just to workout and get fit, or you want to learn how to perfect an art, the right Martials Arts club will demand excellence from you, but will help you to achieve a high level standard. A good Martial Arts club will have high expectations for earning a black belt. A good club could also be more expensive, so you get what you are paying for!

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