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Team Cohesion

The success of a company relies on the cohesion of its team. Team cohesion is about maintaining the team bonding effect and group dynamics, to enable the team to work together towards common goals. Lack of cohesion within the working environment will result in unnecessary stress, tension, injuries and sick days.

In fast paced and often stressful business environment, exercise is ideal for both physical and mental health.

It costs employers around £554 per employee each year due to absence and lose on average 170 million days per year. This is considerably higher in the public sector!

Our Corporate Training programme will:

  • Improve your employee’s health and well-being
  • Decrease employee absence and company costs
  • Increase productivity and company growth
  • Increase employee satisfaction
  • Decrease stress levels
  • Improve team communication
  • Promote closer relationships among teams
  • Increase drive to remain motivated and dedicated within the group


Having already been a happy member of The Eagle Kickboxing Academy, I was keen to start corporate sessions for HNS Signs employees.

Within a couple of weeks, I noticed a vast improvement in the team dynamics. The HNS staff members became more effective as a team, stronger and fitter which is important in our line of work but more importantly, it improved their efficiency in the work place. They became faster and made fewer mistakes. We also noticed a reduction in the number of sick days taken.

I would highly recommend team kickboxing sessions with The Eagle Kickboxing Academy to any size organisation”.

Michelle Henry, Managing Director –

How to book your Corporate Training session!

  • Follow the  link –
  • Choose membership option according to group numbers
  • Sign up using the simple payment screen.
  • Our training programmes are tailored to the staff and company’s schedule.

For further information, please contact Alex Vorfi:

Phone: 07904 501287


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