Street Defence Seminars


Learn how to defend yourself and your loved ones. Open to everyone!


In January 2013, the Ministry of Justice (MoJ), Office for National Statistics (ONS) and Home Office released its first ever joint Official Statistics bulletin on sexual violence, entitled An Overview of Sexual Offending in England and Wales.
It reported that:


  • Approximately 85,000 women are raped on average in England and Wales every year
  • 1 in 5 women (aged 16 – 59) has experienced some form of sexual violence since the age of 16
  • Over 400,000 women are sexually assaulted each year.


In these uncertain times, our street defence seminars create awareness for your personal safety and self protection. Take control of your life and your surroundings with a positive attitude. A confident approach will make you less of a victim and less of a target.


This seminar is suitable for all levels of strength and ability and will involve effective self-defence techniques in a controlled environment.


You will learn:

  • How to defend your safe zone
  • How to avoid dangerous situations
  • Learn observation and situational awareness skills
  • Effective strategies for escaping your attacker
  • How to control, strike and submit your attacker
  • How to become bully proof


This three-hour successful seminar is usually held Monday to Saturday, and sometimes on Sundays due to popular demand.


Even the Greatest was once a Beginner.

Don't be afraid to take the first step!