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Lucio Profeta's K-1 KickBoxing Fight at Combat Challenge West Midlands

Lukasz Stand and Strike Action fighting out of The Eagle Team, Birmingham, UK

Svilen K-1 Kickboxing Action fighting out of The Eagle Team, Birmingham, UK

Lucio K-1 and Muay-Thai action fighting out of The Eagle Team, Birmingham, UK

Lukasz fighting out of The Eagle Kickboxing Academy, Birmingham. This is Lukasz's first full contact fight.

Costi 'The Beast' VS Jan 'The Monster' Professional K-1 KickBoxing 42 second stoppage

A short video for our Martial Arts and Fitness Centre, Jewellery Quarter Birmingham, UK

2015 Highlights from our Martial Arts and Fitness Centre in the Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham, UK

Traditional hand-wrapping for k-1 kickboxing, thai-boxing, MMA and boxing training

Highlights from the Student Awards Ceremony at our Martials Arts and Fitness Centre

K-1 Kickboxing and MMA, Mixed Martial Arts highlights from the WFC-UK in March 2015

Enjoy the most exciting K-1 fight ever from the legend Mike Zambidis. Record 156 wins, 87 by KO

Lukasz in the Finals at the WFMC K-1 British Championships in Birmingham, February 2015

Lukasz Lukawski's Light Contact Kickboxing Tournament on 31st May 2014 in Poland

Lukasz in preparation for his fight with Coach Alex at The Eagle Kickboxing Academy, Birmingham

Combat Challenge - Saturday 13th August

Niko Fight Night: Shakoor Ali vs George Koulalis

Contenders 17 Luke Warrall vs George Koulalis

WFC-UK: Kyfer Leech vs George Koulalis

Contenders 19 George Koulalis vs Jack Mezzetti

Superfight Series III : The Infamous - George Koulalis vs Fabio Barros

Superfight Series IV - WKA British Championship - George 'The Grecco' Koulalis vs Stuart Lumsden

Joseph Andrews -v- Arthur Awalian on Saturday 22 June 2019 at the Leicester Sports Centre

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